We need to talk about business turnover

See how the high turnover of professionals can be detrimental, and how HR can use technology to change this scenario


The English term ‘turnover’ is used in the corporative world to indicate the staff loss of professionals in a company.

New talent arrives but soon informs Human Resources that they are leaving the organization because they received a new proposal.

This is a case to illustrate that, with turnover, there is no retention of professionals within the company.

Why is turnover harmful to business?

Staff turnover is harmful for several reasons.

First, there are financial motivations.

The high turnover of professionals has effects on labor legislation. You pay the employee the labor benefits but he has not performed their duties for a long time.

This issue focuses on productivity: a sector suffers the consequences of not finding (or retaining) the ideal professional for the position. Deliveries of this sector are compromised.

Is turnover an internal or external problem?

There is a common consensus that turnover can be the result of a heated market, with many job opportunities and high demand by professionals.

It may be, but it is not just that.


High turnover may reflect on dissatisfaction with the company itself.

Some internal factor may be causing lack of motivation of new talent.

It can even be a signal that the employer branding is not performing well.

In other words, it is essential to establish an internal analysis to see if the picture can be improved to reduce these instances.

Decrease Turnover with Knowe

With the mentoring system of Knowe platform, it is possible to target turnover levels.

Startup technology uses learning to decrease turnover, and this can also effectively apply to employee recruiting.


In a partnership between the HR department and Knowe, it is possible to establish contacts with future candidates in a targeted and unique way. The organizational culture is widespread and highlighted in this process.

The new talent will receive, from an advocate of the company, all the information about the philosophy, mission, and style of expectations for this professional.

It’s a smart way to provide more assertive hiring that fills the needs of the company and the employer.

As a result, satisfaction increases and turnover decreases.



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