How to select advocates for your company

Who are they, how to identify them, and how to propose incentives to these influential representatives of your brand

Your company retains good employees – but are they company advocates?

We call advocates the team members who, in addition to performing their duties very well, incorporate the values, missions, and objectives of the organization daily in such a way that they become the public relations of the business.

Advocates for the company have a solid understanding of their importance and contribution to the corporation’s progress. This sense of participation is so strong that the employees begin to spread this philosophy to the world.

How to be part of the company’s success

There is a classic story, which is often quoted when talking about employee engagement in an organization.

In 1962, during a visit by then-U.S. President John F. Kennedy to NASA, the U.S. space agency, he encountered a janitor, and Kennedy asked what he was doing.

The men replied, “I’m helping to get the man to the moon, Mr. President!”

This is an ideal example of identification and full integration with the interests of the company.

Three steps to choose advocates for your company

Step 1: Information

This could also be called transparency. What is your company direction? What is the focus of the business?

Are employees aware of this information? This message needs to be disseminated in a variety of ways – internal communication tools and social networks are good examples.

To encourage company advocates, offer data and paths through communication, so employees have full knowledge of their work environment.

The Knowe platform uses the formation and diffusion of quality messages through videoconferences, taught by highly qualified leaders well-versed in their area of expertise.

Learn how this technology is revolutionizing work and education.

Step 2: Incentives

What needs to be done to take employees out of their comfort zone and put them in a situation of complete integration with the company’s mission?

The answer is simple yet delicate: with incentives!

What kind of incentives?

Sales bonus are well known. But are they enough? In the case of the administrative and managerial sectors, it is necessary to develop mechanisms to be part of this movement.

Investing in an institutionalized recognition program can be a very effective way to select company advocates

Step 3: Spread the message of the company’s advocates

Once identified and selected, the company’s advocates become multipliers of knowledge and the values they have assimilated so well.

This is an excellent opportunity to use the resources Knowe offers to impact all other employees.

Through videoconferences, turn these collaborators-advocates into Advisors. The Knowe team can help you structure these channels of knowledge sharing.

Contact us today and implement an efficient advocate recruiting process for your company.

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