High turnover is expensive for the company

A high flow of recruiting and dismissals can have negative consequences for your business – learn how to avoid it

The best question to start our conversation is: how much does high turnover cost for the company?

A company that records a heavy flow of incoming and outgoing employees should trigger a warning signal. Something may be wrong in the working relationship between sectors.

In general, the “in and out” of employees represents a failure in the continuity of operations.

This detail can be detrimental to the course of business, pace, and even productivity.

It is essential to identify the causes of high turnover in the company and to apply mechanisms that can restrain this movement.

Employees who do not know the philosophy of the company

When applying for a job opportunity, often the interested party is motivated by financial and social factors among many other reasons, and perhaps the future workplace has been carefully analyzed.

Human Resources experts warn that when new employees do not fully know about the company’s future activity, there is an increased chance they will not adapt and thus, change jobs in a short period.

Preparing this future collaborator at the recruiting process is one of the advantages offered by Knowe’s tool.

The startup proposes that the broadcast of the company culture be conducted by mentors, in videoconferences, carried out by Advisors, who can be advocates of the company.

In this way, there is an alignment between demands and hiring – the results will be more integrated teams and, consequently, a progressive decrease in high turnover.

This article of the Knowes Blog teaches you how to select and maintain talent for your company.

How much does high turnover costs for the company?

Instead of benefiting from work continuity and increased productivity, high turnover creates extra expenses for the company.

We’ve gathered some examples of these expenses below!

Each employee’s departure generates costs for termination: salary balance, prior notice, expiration, proportionate vacations, constitutional holiday bonus, 13th proportional salary, 40% for the FGTS, among other charges provided for in the Labor Legislation.

As soon as an employee leaves the company, this position becomes vacant, and the pace of work changes. In some cases, the fall in productivity alters the company’s bottom line results, and profits can fall.

The “in and out” of employees is not just within the realm of local HR. This information is easily scattered in the marketplace and can change the company’s reputation. Investors, partners, and competitors are seeking to learn the reasons for this high turnover.

Technology as a solution for high turnover

Knowe proposes to optimize the company’s internal and external relations through technological innovations.

In a direct and modern way, the startup shares the company culture through efficient videoconferences.

Mentoring spreads the targeted messages desired by the organization.

If you are an HR professional, contact the Knowe team today. It’s time to reduce the high turnover in your business!







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