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This article of the Knowes Blog teaches you how to select and maintain talent for your company

A tool to select and maintain talent in the company


The advancement of innovation has increased job opportunities, but there are still challenges in choosing and retaining candidates

The new economy is boiling. Startups are announcing, and brand new companies are emerging while traditional ones are making radical innovations to its structure.

This expansion scenario establishes a need for technical job opportunities that are often not available in the market.

It is up to the Human Resources (HR) to find and select these talents.


Problems in recruiting candidates

The job opportunities exist, and companies need the professionals and to be able to utilize the job market effectively.

It’s an equation that seems to be easily solved, isn’t it?

Not really. HR departments have increasingly faced and reported obstacles in selecting the right candidates.

Research from 2014 by Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), reveals four “megatrends” that impact companies when hiring and retaining talent:

  • The difficulty of finding qualified professionals;
  • New career expectations;
  • Technological advancements;
  • Demographic changes (e.g., an increase in the number of women and coexistence between different generations);


Candidates who do not know company values

In addition to the problems above, there is also a critical and frequent question: selected professionals who, during and after hiring, are entirely unaware of the company’s values.

Increasingly, recruiters and HR specialists stipulate, at the time of seeking a job, that stakeholders know these details.

What is the company philosophy? Your mission? Your values? What does this company bring in its DNA in corporate terms?

It is not always as simple as a visit to the official website to obtain this information satisfactorily– it is necessary to do an immersion in the subject.


Knowe as a powerful recruiting tool

Are the issues listed in this article part of the routine of your company’s HR department?

Maybe it’s time to invest in innovation and deploy the Knowe platform as a tool that can streamline and make the recruiting process efficient.

Through the selection of qualified mentors and video conferences, Knowe provides a very intensive interaction between candidates and companies.

Placing a representative of your corporation in the role of a mentor, our startup presents an opportunity to enrich the level of candidates who seek your company.

Knowe’s video conferences bring stakeholders closer to the company’s philosophy. This can facilitate both the selection process and the retention of this professional in the future.

Like the idea? Talk to our team today and see Knowe’s success stories.