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What do the advocates of the company do – and how to find them

Understand how the selection of these professionals can be critical for a successful recruiting program!


Every company has employees – but not all employees are advocates of the company.

The former perform their daily duties. The latter do this and more: their influence can be instrumental in enhancing their organization’s reputation and in collaborating with the entry of new talent.

Let’s see it in parts that better explain this concept.

What are the company’s advocates?

The company’s advocates are company employees who, in comparison with other employees, have a higher and more intense level of engagement with the ideals of the organization.

In addition to accomplishing the functions of the position they occupy, they understand the company’s needs, as they are theirs.

This way, advocates spread the good practices of their company, including externally.

This action has positive impacts on both customers and the arrival of new talent – when employees themselves speak well about their workplace, including on social media, employer’s reputations tend to increase.

In other words, the employer branding is valued.

How to build an advocate for your company?

Each organization has its needs and its corporate structure, which brings a unique reality to its internal activities.

However, some practices follow a common axis of approach with employees, which can be useful in developing advocates of the company.

The first phase is knowledge. It is fundamental to be transparent with your team about the company’s mission, aspirations, and culture. Information and transparency are crucial.

Second, it is time for learning. Bringing new knowledge to your staff will enrich and bring employees closer together.

Knowe can help with this step! Through your Advisors network, you can find capable leadership to share knowledge that can optimize the employee experience.

From these initial stages, you will likely notice a greater engagement among your teams.

This positive and valuable environment is ideal for identifying and selecting new leaders. Giving these opportunities to your internal audience is a way to strengthen the employee’s bonds with the institution and also help in their conversion into an advocate.

Good recruiting programs with company advocates

Human Resources may have an ideal opportunity to optimize recruitment programs with the company advocates.

Knowe, in partnership with the HR sector, assists in developing advocates, assuming the role of mentors, with a direct part in the process of selecting new talent.

Through the video conferences, the candidates will have direct contact with the philosophy of the organization, transmitted by someone 100% integrated with the local reality: a company advocate.

Contact Knowe, get to know our cases and invest in this partnership. The results will be more assertive hiring and a decrease in turnover.